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3 Killer Brisbane Stores: Caxton St • Eagle Junction • Morningside

A bottle of Revel Cider Company, Carbonic Kingston Black Apple Cider from My Beer Dealer.

Revel Cider Company, Carbonic Kingston Black Apple Cider, 750ml

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"Kingston Black is one of the most famous cider apples to exist. Originating in 19th century England, it's prized for a near perfect balance of acid, tannin and sugar.
Kingston Black is also incredibly hard to grow, the trees grow slowly, and bear very little fruit compared to others. So of course we were thrilled when one of our orchardists had a few bushels for us. This is our first time working with Kingston Black. We put it through Carbonic Maceration* for 37 days, letting carbon dioxide start the fermentation without yeast. Then we pressed it and left it in barrel for 53 days before bottling. What's it like? Kingston Black smells subtly of dried apples and plush rosehips, with grassy tannins and orange pith in the flavour. Acid is low to medium, and tannins are moderate—a favourite combo of ours lately. There's an earthy farmyard note to it, with a raspberry seed undercurrent and a richer liquor-like element—like it's just flirting with the idea of Calvados. We made just 23 cases.
" - Revel Cider Company

BREWERY: Revel Cider Company
STYLE: Apple Cider
ABV: 6.8%
SIZE: 750ml Bottle
ORIGIN: Ontario, Canada

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IN-STORE: if you live in Brisbane drop into one of our two awesome shops. You’ll find My Beer Dealer Caxton Street under our mothership Brewski – it’s one of the few drink-in bottle shops in Brisbane complete with 10 taps for growler and can fills. And My Beer Dealer Eagle Junction is in Clayfield in Brisbane’s north (right next to Eagle Junction train station) with a killer range of beers, wines and spirits.

ONLINE: Choose from our free Click & Collect service from either shop or we’ll package your order up and deliver it pretty much anywhere in Australia for $10 (for up to 20kg). If you’re in a major city your parcel will travel with Aus Post Wine Service.


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Meet the Dealers

We’re Antoinette, Natasha, Matt and Simon. We’re good booze lovers just like you. We started our beery journey in 2013 when we opened the famous Brewski on Brisbane’s infamous Caxton Street. In 2018 we opened our first My Beer Dealer under Brewski, it’s one of the few drink-in bottle shops in Queensland and we’re super chuffed with it. 2020 was a big year for us, we launched our online store (you’re looking at it) and opened our second bricks ‘n mortar shop next to Eagle Junction station in Brisbane’s Clayfield (we’re super chuffed with it as well). Both of these have allowed us to complement our awesome beer range with our other passions of good wine and good spirits.

As we’re a small family run business we prefer to support other family businesses and small producers, ensuring that when you visit us it’s not the same old, same old. And by shopping with us we hope you get to feel good about supporting a whole heap of small businesses, just like we do. So if you do choose to buy through us, thank you from us and thank you from our family of suppliers (and thanks for reading this far, our copywriter is stoked).

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