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Alcohol Free Beer, Wine & Spirits

Whether it's Dry July, Octsober, having a few days off or you simply don't like booze, alcohol free beer, wine and spirits have come a long way in the last few years. Beers that taste like beer, sparkling that tastes like sparkling and G&Ts that taste as good as the boozy version. So when it's time to dial it down, dial up up the flavour with some of these tasty alcohol free beverages.

Alcohol Free Beer

Lagers, XPAs, IPAs, Stouts and the occasional sour can now be found in alcohol free form. Hallelujah!

Alcohol Free Wine

From Sparkling, to whites to Kombucha based Pet Nats, having a tasty AF wine have never been tastier.

Alcohol Free Spirits

Name your favourite spirit to mix, Lyre's probably makes it. Mix your own with 700ml bottles or pre-mixed RTDs.


We love the concept of the 'wedge drink'. Whack a 4 pack of alcohol free beer (or whatever) into the Esky at your next BBQ / camping trip / party etc and wedge one in-between every second alcoholic drink or so. It'll help calm the farm and keep you in better shape. You're welcome.

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