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3 Killer Brisbane Stores: Caxton St • Eagle Junction • Morningside

Discover your Wine

Our wine range will impress whether you're a traditionalist, a natural wine lover - and everyone in-between. Find great expressions of the varieties you know and love, skin contact wines, Pet Nats, biodynamic wines, vegan wines, field blends - and much more. Let's check them out.

It's not a popularity contest...

...but if it were these guys would be winning!

Traditional Whites

Top expressions of the tried and true.

Alternative Whites

Lesser known varietals for the wine adventurer.

Traditional Reds

New world and old world takes on the classics.

Alternative Reds

You probably won't find these in Daddy's Vintec.


Did you hear me darling? Another bottle of Rosé please.


Straight up or wheel out the funk.

Created in QLD

Queensland producers who are bottling awesome.

School Night Wines

Bang for buck crackers that won't cost more than a lobster ($20).

Natural Wines

Minimal intervention, lo-fi, bio-dynamic, it's hydromatic (why it's grease lightning)!

Vegan Wines

Bloomin' good wines that use animal free production methods.

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