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3 Killer Brisbane Stores: Caxton St • Eagle Junction • Morningside

Meet the Team

My Beer Dealer is bought to you by the same team behind Brewski - Antoinette (Imperial Stout lover), Matt (Imperial Stout and IPA lover), Natasha (Sour lover), Simon (IPA and Bitter lover) and our manager, Les (West Coast IPA or die lover). We're a bunch of madly passionate beer lovers who simply want to give you a darn good beery experience, every darn time we see you. Which will be soon, we darn well hope.


"I’ve enjoyed a lifelong interest in Good Food & Good Booze. Thirty odd years ago that entailed Cooper’s Sparkling Ale, Toohey’s Old, Matilda Bay & whatever Euro lager was at my local. During the mid ‘90s I found myself backpacking through Canada. Sometime in ’97 a Herman’s Dark Lager from Vancouver Island Brewing Co passed my lips & that was that! Good Beer had a new convert. I then spent time working Ski Resorts in Idaho & Colorado where I was exposed to the sudsy goodness of the flourishing US brewing scene."


My passion for beer started when living in the UK over 20 years ago. Malt driven beers won me over (Newcastle Brown Ale was my go to!) and then the variety of beer styles on offer in Europe, sealed the deal. Fourteen years later, a midlife crisis and a desire to not die wondering, lead to taking a chance and Brewski was born. Beer is our mission and I’ve been privileged to try more beers than most. May I never grow tired of the new and being part of this wonderfully creative industry."


"I was a legit two pot screamer when I first got into beer. It was probably VB. Or Eumundi Bitter. Then one day flavour happened. Maybe it was a Framboise in a Belgian pub in London in 2000. Or a witbier. But I never ordered the same beer twice after that. Many years later I was a bar fly at my favourite bar, The Scratch. I loved the beer community based around it and thought it would be wise to throw away my advertising career and join it. Brewski happened as a result and then My Beer Dealer. What a ride!"


“I have a confession to make, prior to Brewski & My Beer Dealer I didn’t like beer & never touched the ‘stuff’, no matter how hard Matt tried to convert me. After 6 years I wish I could say I’m an IPA convert but alas that’s never to be. Luckily all is not lost as through Brewski & MBD I’ve discovered the wonderful world of sours. So grateful for my beer & business journey over the last 6 years. Here’s to another 6!”


“My grandparents used to run a pub in England and I had my first beer (a lager) aged 7 (don't do this at home, kids), poured by my aunt which set me off on my beer journey! I grew up with a love of warm flat beer (Courage – Directors), coming to Australia in 2000 I found the beer too fizzy. During the five years of beer research I have developed a passion for hoppy IPAs and red IPA’s and feel like a kid in candy store when I’m in My Beer Dealer.”

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