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Mikkeller Baghaven, Biere des Champs, 750ml

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Bière des Champs is inspired by the beers brewed on the farms of rural Belgium to nourish field workers during hot summer months.

"We took a grist bill consisting of Belgian pilsner malt, flaked wheat, and malted spelt and fermented it with a very unique blend of yeast."

The addition of generous amounts of hops from the Alsace region of France gives the beer a grassy quality. Just prior to bottling we added our farmhouse Brettanomyces strain to produce carbonation and a unique rustic character.

Aged for 03 months. 

BREWERY: Mikkeller Baghaven
STYLE: Farmhouse Ale
ABV: 7.0%
SIZE: 750ml
ORIGIN: Denmark


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