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Tap Beer

10 taps of glorious beer

With ten rotating taps, you've never had so much choice when it comes to growler fills and on-the-spot canning in Brisbane. Six taps are split from Brewski's taps upstairs (please don't tell them - or the fuzz), and four are totally unique to us.

We can can!

Our nifty little Oktober canning machine fills 500ml cans in a jiffy. It's the perfect size for those 'big beers' or for just throwing a few into the esky. Choose any beer on tap, we fill it, seam it, you drink it. Simples. 

Fill 'er up!

Growlers are a refillable glass bottle which can turn you into an eco-warrior by just drinking beer. Fill, drink, wash, repeat. It's that simple*.

*Except at the moment we're unable to fill yours due to current health laws. Purchase a new one from us really cheap. 


All of our tap beers (and packaged booze for that matter) are available to drink-in - just like a bar. Want a glass before you commit to a growler fill, too easy. Prefer to be a bar fly? Pull up a stool, be our guest*. 

*Yeah well, about that... no drinking in until we can throw around high fives again. 

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