Our Taps

10 taps of glorious beer

With ten rotating taps, you've never had so much choice when it comes to growler fills in Brisbane. Six taps are split from Brewski's taps upstairs (please don't tell them), and four are totally unique to us. 

Growler Fills

Growlers are a refillable glass bottle which can turn you into an eco-warrior by just drinking beer. Fill, drink, wash, repeat. It's that simple. Bring your own or grab one of ours. 


Can Fills

Our nifty little Oktober canning machine fills 500ml cans in a jiffy. It's the perfect size for those 'big beers' or for just throwing a few into the esky. 


All of our tap beers (and packaged booze for that matter) are available to drink-in - just like a bar. Want a glass before you commit to a growler fill, too easy. Prefer to be a bar fly? Pull up a stool, be our guest.